Logic - Bobby Tarantino
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A day ago, Logic surprised the hell out of us and dropped the Bobby Tarantino mixtape with his right hand man 6ix, which is already leaving blaze trails across the rap scene. This is the first collective project since the lyrical mad man released The Incredible True Story last year, to much critical acclaim and success dubbing it a #1 album. The follow up includes 11 mind bogling tracks that will have you ready to bump just in time for the summer.

I would start off this review with quoting on how fire the intro or how the first few song are … but I’m just going to get straight into it. 44 Bars. Man. What a way to confirm your success with such a melodic classic as this. spat in exactly 44 bars, the  Barrington Levy’s Vibes is right sample sets perfect mood as Logic testifies :

“At least I don’t drink to avoid the hurt, we call that champagne..” 

Flexicution is exactly what you think it would be, after all, its in the name. the rap god is giving you exactly what we asked for, and we aren’t complaining one bit. In Slave II, The bars speed up with the production mid-track giving life with each one liner.

Even though Wrist was released a while ago, it was still a banger and its cool to see the production added to the mix tape.  joining forces with Pusha T, this was clearly a recipe for greatness. In Studio Ambiance At Night: Malibu, Logic gives us a treat as he takes us into his private listening studio sessions.

There’s so much more to cover, but honestly, you just have to experience this mastery for yourself, especially if you’re a Logic fan. You could see how Logic has grown throughout the years, especially after his success with Incredible True Story. An emcee’s purpose for escaping the underground world is to blow up, become a household name and to flourish artistically. Though being signed to Def Jam /Visionary Music Group) is the icing on the cake, The wordsmith’s collection of heat has been around long before. And trust me, it will definitely be there way after.

experience a cult legend in the making.

You can purchase/stream Bobby Tarantino via Apple Music/Spotify.

Check out a few samples above via soundcloud.