Masego - Loose Thoughts EP
Mageso strives with the jazz themed project, showing off his many talents, officially introducing himself
The only negative thing to be said is that there aren't enough gorgeous instrumentals.
97%Mageso channels his inner Cab Calloway in the long awaited Loose Thoughts EP
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Virginia native Mageso first hit the underground world with the the catchy Girls That Dance joint, collaborating with Medasin for the Pink Polo EP last year. Today, on his birthday, the soulful artist has released Loose Thoughts, the 11- track EP that oozes Jazz, Trap, with a dash of house. Masego recently spoke with Vibe, where  he cites Frank Ocean’s The Lonny Breaux Collection as his muse for the album:

“It felt very demo-ish but it shows [his] full capabilities and was a really cool introduction to someone,” he states.

When speaking on the making of Loose Thoughts in it’s entirety, he talks of an and old and new rendition of himself:

“This whole project is just how I’m feeling. I made the first half of the tape the old me. ‘Girls That Dance’ and similar songs. Pure fun. Great energy and vibe. The second half starting with ‘Small Talk’ gets into the new me.”

The wordsmith deems this project to be a one man show in the intro YOU GON’ LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY. Throughout the EP he keeps his word, where there are constant Cab Calloway references, setting the Jazzy tone aside from his melodic Instrumentals on tracks such as I Do Everything (More for Crusin’). The instrumentalist’s breathtaking jazz collectives will leave space for your own thoughts to linger.

Plant a Seed is soulful and energetic, while the fiery and much needed White Man is self explanatory, expressing his views of being a black man in America. The tracks Wifeable  and Send Yo’ Rita (A remake of Justin Timberlake’s Señorita) brings us into the chill world of Mageso and his lady counterparts.

Sampling Jazz sounds and throwing them on tracks is cool, but when you actually embrace its culture, with each song oozing character, then it takes on a life of it’s own. Very few artists can accomplish that goal, and with the way things are going for Masego, his accomplishments are just getting started. All we have to say is: